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As the only manufacturer of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) geogrid in Korea, URITEC Corporation has shown great performances in domestic market with balanced business portfolio. The plant was established in 1989, has obtained ISO 9001:2000, and registered
a patent for Clipstone block for retaining wall system to provide a cost-effective solution for geotechnical applications.

URGRID geogrids are used as integral components in reinforced soil structures such as retaining walls, slopes, and embankments. URGRID geogrids, placed in layers during construction to provide tensile resistance and enhance stability, enable walls, slopes and embankments to be constructed cost-effectively and quickly. URGRID is used most commonly with segmental concrete blocks as the facing in retaining walls and grass or other facing materials in retaining soil slopes. Retaining walls and soil slopes constructed in this manner are economical, efficient and aesthetic.

URITEC insists on the idea of scientific management with high quality control, honest service and persistent development. We will bend ourselves to provide stable product and to satisfy the clientsĄŻ needs. With our high quality products and excellent reputation, URGRID geogrids, Clipstone blocks, and Eco blocks are widely applied in domestic construction projects, and now, URITEC is making great efforts to open new market overseas.