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Formation levels are prepared and a concrete strip foundation is laid for the first course of facing panels. Fill material is placed and compacted behind the facing, and a single course of base units should be bedded on mortar to the correct line and level.
Place the prepared end of the grid over the rebate in the block and locate the connectors around the transverse bar. Ensure that each aperture of the geogrid is covered by a connector.
Position the assembly neatly into the rebate with the trimmed ribs towards the face. Repeat this procedure for the whole course ensuring that adjacent lengths of grid are abutted at the wall face. Fill material is placed and compacted to specified heights, particular care being taken to ensure that the geogrids are adequately tensioned.
Fill is placed to a depth not less than 150mm before each pass of the compaction plant.
Fill should be placed by plant such as an excavator bucket or dozer with an opening bucket, which causes the fill to cascade onto the grids.
Compaction should always commence nearest the facing units, working away toward the free end of the grid. No traffic or site plant shall be permitted to travel directly on the grids.
In order to achieve good line and level, the coping units should be bedded on mortar. When alignment of the wall is curved or angled, the coping units require cutting on site to achieve best fit.