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  Site Name and Location Owner/Developer Installation Contractor
1 Sang-Ji University reinforced wall construction Sang-Ji University Sang-Ji University
2 Iksan-Jangsu Highway The Korea Highway Corporation Sambu Construction
3 Gumi-Gimchun Highway
(site 6)
The Korea Highway Corporation Dae Rim Corp.
4 Muanchungge-Wangsan road site Iru Construction Hokan Construction
5 Gyungbu Highway The Korea Highway Corporation The Korea Highway Corporation Mujin Construction
6 Gimchun-Youngdong Highway The Korea Highway Corporation Dae Rim Corp.
7 88 Highway Okpo-Sungsan The Korea Highway Corporation Dae Rim Corp.
8 Taegero road widening An Dong City Haekyung Corp.
9 Ansung-Eumsung Highway (Site 6) The Korea Highway Corporation Dae Rim Corp.
10 Sangju Ian-Soam Gumi widening road Sangju City Dajin Construction
11 Namyang Hueton Apartment Wondang Feel Housing Corp. Namyang Construction
12 Yongpyung Resort Il-Sung Construction Il-Sung Construction
13 An-Sung University Chung-Ang University Kiyoon Construction
14 Samsung Research Center Samsung Talles Corporation Chung-jung Construction
15 Sangju Clean landfill Sangju City Yusung Construction
16 Andong City Waste Disposal Andong City Jinyang Construction
17 Whasan Distribution Site Union Industry Corp. Union Industry Corp.
18 Guryongpo-Daebo widening road North Kyunsang Do Ultra Contruction
19 Wando-Shinjido Bridge Iksan Territory Administration Hak Rim Construction
20 Yangji Balt house Tespo Construction Tespo Construction
21 Inchon Shinyoung Corp. Shinyoung Corp. Walltec Construction
22 Inchon gajadong gyungsodong road Inchon Construction Neotec ENC
23 Chonbuk Industry Complex Kyungil ENC Kyungil ENC
24 West Jeju high school Jeju Education Adm. Hanil Construction